A Message From Our President

Dear members,

On Friday, June 30, 2023, our Rabbi, Yossi Liebowitz, retired after 20 years of service at our Temple. This is an incredible accomplishment as

Rabbi Liebowitz has held numerous B’nai Mitzvahs, weddings, funerals,

Brown Bag Lunches, and over 1000 Friday evening services and Saturday Morning Services or Torah Talks. Wow, Rabbi, just wow! Thank you for all your time spent with us at Congregation B’nai Israel.

On Friday, June 23, 2023, our Rabbi led a wonderful service and expressed how grateful he is that he became a Rabbi. He told stories of how rewarding his career has been. If you did not attend the June 23rd service or watch it on our Temple Facebook page, I encourage you to take time to watch this service and listen to our Rabbi’s sermon. It is touching to hear the Rabbi talk of his reasons for being a Rabbi all these years.

At the end of the service, Rabbi Liebowitz was honored with a “stone” to be added to our Tree of Life at the end of our main social hall. This stone will represent how our Rabbi has been a rock for our Temple for two decades. Our Rabbi was also given a beautiful painting that will be placed in the Sunday School, along with a plaque honoring Rabbi Liebowitz. The artwork is created by Elena Kotliarker, born in Kiev, Ukraine. She studied at the Spiritual Art Academy in Ukraine. She specializes in spiritual representation through art. Elena currently lives in Israel. Kotliarker’s painting is called “Miram with Timbrel-Tanakh Story”.

Board members selected this painting because of the theme of Miriam being represented through art. As many of you are aware, our Rabbi sings the song “Miriam by the Sea” almost every Friday evening at services. It is an iconic song that will always remind our congregation of the time Rabbi Liebowitz spent with us.

The painting has many Hebrew words incorporated into the artwork. The Hebrew words include Success, Luck, Happiness, Love, and Health, all of which we wish our Rabbi as he embarks upon the next chapter of his life.

Kotliarker’s painting also includes Traditional Jewish Symbols that include a pair of birds for love and harmony, pomegranates for joy and fruitfulness, and five fishes for abundance.

Beginning July 1, this painting will be on display in the foyer of our Synagogue for the month of July. Please stop by to view it before it is added to the walls of our Sunday School Building.

If you have not had a moment to speak to our Rabbi and wish him well as he begins his retirement, please be sure to send him an email, text or even better, an old-fashioned phone call or hand-written note.

Please check our calendar for events and services throughout the summer. Even though our Rabbi has retired, there will still be fellowship and services at our Temple.

Many wishes to you for a happy and healthy summer!


Tina Lyon