A Message from our President

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!

My husband David and I recently traveled to California. One of our days in California was spent driving to the coast. On the way there we stopped at Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve to see the Giant Redwoods within the reserve. There we saw The Colonel Armstrong Redwood. It is estimated to be 1400 years old and 308 feet tall. This Redwood is thought to be the oldest tree in the reserve, but not the tallest. The tallest tree there is The Parson’s Tree, which is 310 feet tall. I was awestruck by the tranquil majesty of the Redwood Trees in the Armstrong Redwoods State

Natural Reserve. Majestic and tranquil are the best ways I can find to describe this incredible forest reserve.

As our day progressed, we decided to continue driving another few miles to a beach on the California coast. Once at Wright’s Beach, we made our way to the parking lot. Before we even turned the engine of the car off, we could hear the crashing of the powerful waves. Out of the car and walking towards the beach the sound of the waves became louder and when viewed, the waves were large, intense, and simply incredible. There was signage in the parking lot that warned against sneaker waves, which could roll in, knock you down, and sweep you into the ocean. Standing close to the water was not recommended.

What amazed me, it was not a cloudy and stormy day. It was clear blue skies as far as the eye could see, but the ocean was raging. The sheer power, vastness, and beauty of this section of the North American Pacific Coast struck me just as majestic as the tranquil Redwoods I had visited a mere hour before. While standing on the beach, hopefully, a safe distance from the waves, I literally threw my arms in the air and said, “Wow, just wow!”

On the ride back to our lodging, I reflected upon my day’s experiences. On the one hand I saw majesty within a tranquil forest reserve, and on the other, I witnessed majesty along the coast of a raging ocean.

I enjoyed the feeling of awe from both experiences during my day of travel through California. It made me want to find majesty every day. Since then, I have found majesty is practically everywhere. The orchid beside my kitchen sink is majestic, especially when it blooms after being dormant for a few months. The breadth of the sky above us is majestic, and the small pebble shining with flecks of mica in my driveway is majestic. Practically everything is majestical when you seek it.

It is my New Year’s resolution to continue seeking majesty and awe each day. May we all find majesty in the large and small things and events we encounter in 2023. Cheers to the New Year!

Please be sure to check out the calendar in Temple Topics and join our Rabbi for services and special events throughout the month. See you in 2023!

Tina Lyon President