A Message From Our President

Dear Members,

As everyone may or may not know, I grew up on a large farm in Landrum, SC. Other than farm work, there was not a lot of entertainment. Because of the lack of things to do it would drive the teenagers to, well, drive. My friends and I would drive all over the area on winding back roads in the evening and night and enjoy time together, stopping every so often to meet other friends who were driving around out of boredom, also. I have many fond memories of driving and sometimes even “off-roading” after dark.

One of my favorite memories of night driving in the summer is going through a dark grove of trees and coming upon one of the most interesting things I have ever witnessed in nature. As my friends and I were driving through this grove of trees, we noticed tiny lights flashing at the same time throughout the trees lining the road. On, off, on, off… my friends and I realized we were watching hundreds, maybe even thousands, of fireflies synchronize their flashing. It was truly amazing.

Years later I read an article in a wildlife magazine about Synchronous Fire- flies and I knew instantly that must have been what I had seen during that late night summer drive long ago. Apparently, Synchronous Fireflies are males that are displaying their romantic side. This mating ritual only occurs two to three weeks out of each year and is usually during the month of June. I learned from the article that these Synchronous Fireflies can be seen in the Great Smoky Mountains for a couple of weeks every June. Luckily, this year I had a chance to go see Synchronous Fireflies in action. This recent June, David and I drove to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, spent the weekend and was able to witness the fireflies synchronize on a Saturday night. It was close to 10:30 pm when hundreds of male fireflies put on their flashing romantic show. It was spectacular and mesmerizing.

I love nature and seeing natural phenomenon like the mating ritual of the Synchronous Fireflies. It is interesting how something as small as a firefly can come together and synchronize their light. If a tiny firefly can join other fire- flies to put on a beautiful light show, imagine what we humans can do when we join and work synchronously. It truly makes me pause and think.

I am grateful how well we work together for the well-being of our Temple. Seeing the Synchronous Fireflies again reminded me there is always more that can be done by being united and working synchronously. Let’s continue to stand together and find ways that we can be more synchronous. Together our light shines brighter than alone.

I wish you a wonderful July and August. Enjoy a safe Fourth of July holiday. Please check the Temple Topics for the July and August Temple calendar and join us!

Tina Lyon Temple President