Sisterhood News

It was wonderful to be able to see and visit with so many of our members at our Sisterhood meeting on Sunday the 20th. It has been a long two years since we have been able to get together.

One of our topics was plans for the bake sale. It WILL be held this year on November 3. We will set up a web site to enable people to pre-order. there will also be a pre-pay part of this site. All items will be picked up under the portico. The general feeling was that no one should come into the temple who was not working on the sale. Post cards will be sent out in August from our list of previous customers, and we will also be advertising it on some community forums I do not anticipate the same volume of sales as we have had previously, but we will begin again.

There was a lot of interests in starting a Mahjong group. It would be on Sundays about noon. A couple of our sisterhood members have offered to teach those who want to learn how to play. They need to know how many would be interested in playing so tables can be set up and we will have enough sets for everyone. PLEASE CALL JAN AT TEMPLE to let us know if you would be interested in joining us. I will call you about a start date.

The first night of Passover is April 15. It is a time to retell our story and celebrate a ceremonial tradition. May your family share and continue to treasure our heritage and celebrate all we have today.

Peggy Ann Buchman