A Message From Our President

Several years ago when I was a Sunday School teacher at our Temple, I always enjoyed telling the story of Hannukah and sharing with the children why we light our Menorah candles each night. I especially enjoyed retelling the part about there being only enough oil for one night to light the lantern in the Temple and how the oil miraculously lasted for eight nights. Somehow G-d always provides.

Most of 2021 I have been tasked with looking after my mother, who has not been well and is declining in health more and more each day. As you can imagine and as some of you already know too well, it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to care for an ailing parent. There have been many occasions this year that I felt I did not have enough “fuel” to continue upon my journey with my mother. However, just like in the story of Hannukah, G-d has provided many miracles of additional “fuel”, which provided more strength and energy for me to continue through these last few months managing my mother’s situation. Exactly whenever I feel I cannot not possibly take care of another situation for her, I somehow manage to do so. I truly believe it is through faith and G-d’s intervention I am able to take the next step for my mother and myself.

I am sure we all can think of a time in which G-d provided more miraculous “fuel” to for each of us to continue upon a certain path in our lives. Each year we are reminded of this as we celebrate Hanukah with the lighting of our Menorahs. As I say the Hanukah blessings and light my Menorah each night of Hannukah this year I am going to think of and be thankful for all the extra “fuel” G-d has provided me this year. I hope each of you always receive the extra “fuel” you need to power through all challenges you may face throughout your life’s journey. Happy Hanukah!

Please be sure to read Temple Topics and check this month’s calendar. We are holding our annual Congregational Meeting on Sunday, December 12th at 6:00 pm through ZOOM. You will be receiving through the United States Postal Service a letter that contains all the information for the meeting along with a ballot to return in a self-addressed stamped envelope. I am looking forward to seeing each of you at this ZOOM meeting on December 12 .