A Message from our President

I hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful summer and is beginning to look ahead to the fall season.

I know many of us are preparing for our children or themselves to go back to school. My favorite part about this time of year has always been school supply shopping. I have enjoyed this ritual for decades. From my own education, teaching elementary school to sending three children to school, I could not wait for school supplies to be displayed at the local office and discount stores. I literally could look at school supply offerings for hours. Making selections could even take more than one trip to the store. For me, new notebooks have endless possibilities, with the shiny cover and the pristine lined pages. What will I document in them, how will they be filled? Will it be with facts? Will I write a well-intentioned journal that I invaria- bly stop after a few weeks, or will it be daily lists that seem to go on forever?

Also, I am accustomed to using a paper planner, no digital calendar for me. I use a planner that is based on the academic year and guess what, this is the time of the year to select a new planner! More fun for me! I pour over websites that sell planners. It is truly amazing these days, the planner selections.

One can select a planner from their favorite designer or you can actually “build” a planner from cover to cover with just about any calendar configura- tion imaginable. Once I select and receive my planner, again, endless possi- bilities. What will I do productive this year and keep track of in my new planner? Will it be board meetings, luncheons, maybe a party here and there? Basically, a new planner is a blank slate with so many prospects, hope and renewal.

The time of year to purchase new note- books and a planner dovetail for me with the Jewish High Holidays that also bring with them a blank slate. We celebrate the beginning of a new year and the ending of the past year with much observation, reflection and reverence. After Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur the sense of renewal and hope is palpable.

Our Rabbi and Ritual Committee are busy planning the High Holidays which we hope to observe in person and virtually. Please check the calendar in Temple Topics for all upcoming events. In August there is a Temple BBQ planned at which I hope to see many of you. During September we observe Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah along with going back to Sunday School. Already, the calendar is filling up with so many possibilities!

I wish your notebooks and calendars to be filled with all you enjoy, be that time with family and friends or other endeav- ors that make you joyful. Most of all I wish each of you a wonderful new season and year, Shanah Tova!

Tina Lyon
Board President, Congregation B’nai Israel