A Message from our President

This spring has been incredibly busy for me. Along with helping an adult child move out of a college dorm, plus all the other things I find myself responsible for, much of my time has been allotted to focusing on my aging mother and her increasing need for assistance in daily life and activities.

I have spent many hours of each day this spring managing a move for my mother and her constant care. This has been a tremendous and unexpected change for both of us.

The readjustment of how I am now using my time each day has made me consider the usage and passage of time in a myriad of ways. Am I spending my time productively, is it purposeful, is it satisfying? So many questions.

As I ponder these questions, my mind keeps coming upon the saying “to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven” and the Pete Seeger’s song from the 1950’s taken from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 called “Turn! Turn! Turn!” The lyrics of the song suggest there is a time for everything life presents, from helping a young adult child move back home from college to helping an aging parent move away from their home. Strangely for me, or maybe not so strangely, both moves are occurring at the same time. This occurring in tandem has also given me pause to consider time and its passage.

I have included the lyrics of the Pete Seeger song in this month’s message. What time is it for you, us, your family? After reading and thinking about the lyrics it is my conclusion that no matter what time it is, it is the right time for the purpose at hand.

Tina Lyon
Board President, Congregation B’nai Israel