Message from Our President

Dear members,

Welcome to 2021! As we progress into 2021 after a year wrought with un- certainty, I am sure we are all pausing to reflect on our experiences during the past year and upon the future as we anticipate a successful roll out of the vaccine to prevent Covid-19 and back to some semblance of normalcy in our lives.

As I think ahead of a promising 2021, I can’t help but recall my first visit to Congregation B’nai Israel, during the fall of 1991 for a Rosh Hashanah service with my handsome date and future husband, David. Wow!! Was that really 30 years ago? From the very first moment at our Temple, I felt welcomed by the members and in awe of the beautiful stained glass that surrounds our sanctuary. After becoming married, I became an active member of Congregation B’nai Israel and through my membership devel- oped a connection with the Jewish community that became strengthened when David and I began raising our family with the support of the Temple.

My oldest child, Craig, was 6 when I began teaching his Sunday School class. I taught Sunday School at the Temple for several years and pro- gressed into the position of Sunday School Principal, which allowed me to begin meeting with the Congregation B’nai Israel Board to give reports about the progression of the Sunday School. These were five enjoyable years in which I worked closely with the Congregation B’nai Israel chil- dren, parents, teachers, and Rabbi Leibowitz.

After my years serving as Sunday School Principal, I became a board member. I have served previously on our Temple Board as Corresponding Secretary and Vice President. I believe I have been involved with the board in some capacity for two decades. Currently, I have been elected President of our Temple’s board. I want to thank each of you for your sup- port today and continued support as I serve the Temple as President dur- ing 2021. It is truly an honor.

I would like to thank our Rabbi for his unwavering support and our past president, Sandy Gordin for her time and dedication to our Temple during the last three years. She has led with grace and confidence. I would also like to thank all the other board members who have served with me over the years. With you I am able to continue your work as we meet the year of 2021 with hopeful eagerness. Happy 2021 everyone!

Tina Lyon,