Message from Our President

Dear Friends,

I’ve decided to toss aside my monthly planning calendar. All my previously scheduled plans for the month of May, which included attending three weddings and a couple of concerts, have been postponed. One of the only constants remaining is a reminder to give my dogs their monthly medicine. I imagine most of you are having similar experiences. I’m reminded of the old Yiddish adage “Man Plans, and God Laughs”. Despite our most careful planning, this pandemic is teaching me how unpredictable the Road of Life can be, and how little control of our lives we actually have.

Despite the pandemic and our current restrictions, Temple life and activities continue. Rabbi Liebowitz has and will continue to conduct Friday evening services and Saturday morning Torah studies. He conducted a very moving service for Holocaust Remembrance Day and a special service in honor of Israel Independence Day. I’m looking forward to celebrating Reuben Falcon’s Bar Mitzvah later this month! So, yes, celebrations continue at Temple B’nai Israel!

I wish to express my feeling of gratitude. To Jan, thank you for being the “glue” to keep the office running smoothly. To Sharon Packer, thank you so much for all you continue to do to keep our Temple visible and up to date on Facebook and our website. Courtney LeBauer, your violin playing and singing during Friday evening services has been a beautiful addition. Thank you! And finally, to Rabbi Liebowitz, many thanks for your spiritual guidance and leadership during these challenging times. Your services and words of wisdom are a true inspiration.

I hope everyone is well. I so look forward to seeing everyone again. Please take care.

Warmest regards,