Join Us for Shabbat Services 04-24-20 – 04-25-20

Please join the Rabbi at 5:30 this evening for service on the Temple’s Facebook page, Congregation B’nai Israel. Steve Gordin and Carl McArn will have music, and below are the words to two of the songs for you to follow along.
Don’t forget Torah Discussion tomorrow morning at 10:00 via Skype.
Stay well.


The Promise Lyrics: S. Gordin/Music :C. McCarn

There is promise as the sun sets low

The week now comes to its close

The candles are lit and they shine

Inside a feeling of peace at this time

My mind drifts back to the week that’s gone

Things I wished I had said or maybe done

But growth happens no tears need be shed

If I’ve learned to handle what’s ahead

Shabbat is time for me to rest

To extend to my family and to my guests

My time and my ear and what I guess

Should allow me to grow to be my best

I hold the cup now say the prayer

Drink the wine and do I dare

Hold a grudge full of strife

Or be renewed and

refreshed in my life?

It’s Shabbat now

time to praise/time to think

Time to rest/time to grow

It begins now/as the sun

as the sun/ as the sun sets low


Believe Lyrics: S.Gordin/ Music C. McCarn


This life that I chose or did it choose me

It falls apart and now do I see

That somewhere down the line

I was blinded by ennui

And somehow down the line

I forgot to believe

Sitting in this hole I look out to see

A world outside much to my relief

Birds, fresh air, and the happy buzzing of the bees

And all of this makes me think

Why didn’t I stop before to believe?


My fathers fought in wars to be free

Against the odds and against tyranny

Through time and again throughout history

There’s a reason to look outside

ourselves to believe




So look inside

it’s not that hard

No need to look very far

Deep down inside we know we need

in good times and bad a reason to believe


One day the story it will be told

About the time we learned ten fold

That no matter how well off

we think we may be

We’re one heartbeat away beat away from

a reason to believe