A Message From Our President


As a Human Resources professional for many years, those two words were constantly on my mind. I spent many hours recruiting and training new employees for the organizations in which I worked. I learned early in my career that those with the “right” attitude could be trained to do almost any job and were, of course, the best employees.

So that brings me back to our Temple. We thrive because many of us con- tribute not only dollars, but our hands, hearts, and time to building and sustaining the community in which we make our home. The more we each engage with the work of the Temple, the stronger our community be- comes and the deeper the gifts we each receive from our participation. This is true in any congregation, but especially true in a small congrega- tion like ours which depends on volunteer energy and effort. We are a community of great people, and there’s no shortage of jobs for everyone.

Each of you is always encouraged to provide your ideas, suggestions and feedback to any member of the Temple Board. Most importantly, we want and need your participation and expertise to make things happen. If you are involved, but perhaps would like to be more involved, or if you aren’t sure what type of “job” might work for you, please let us know.

I would be most happy to meet you for a cup of coffee or lunch to share ideas and receive your feedback. I hope to hear from you soon!

Warmest regards,