A Message From Our President!


Well, the High Holidays and Sukkot are behind us, and there aren’t any Jewish holidays during the month of November, but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty going on around the Temple.

Countless number of hours have been spent baking and preparing for the upcoming bake sale. It’s not too late to place a pre-order for the sale, to bake some of your favorite sweets, to help set up for the sale, and/or to help on the day of the sale! This is Sisterhood’s biggest fundraiser and we encourage everyone to participate!

We have an opportunity to show off our beautiful Temple when we host the South Carolina Jewish Historical Society. It’s my understanding that several Jewish people who grew up in Spartanburg but who have since moved away, are planning to attend. So, the event will serve as a reunion for some. The Cap and Collar, aka the Rabbi and his singing partner, will be performing Saturday evening. Some of our congregants will be on a panel, sharing stories about their childhood days growing up in Spartanburg. Good food, fun, and fellowship… that’s what the weekend will offer.

The Annual Congregational meeting is scheduled. A light dinner will be served. This is your opportunity to ask questions of the Board and learn more about the Temple’s operations. Please make sure your dues are current so you can vote. Your vote counts! I strongly encourage your participation.

Attending Friday evening services is a wonderful way to reflect on the week, relax, and prepare for the weekend. Saturday morning Torah discussions are intimate and educational. Movie nights are always enlightening and entertaining.

Just another month full of opportunities at Temple B’nai Israel! I look forward to seeing you soon.

Warmest regards,