Message from Our President


Dear Fellow Congregants,

Do you remember the joy you felt when you lost your first baby tooth? Do you remember writing a letter to the tooth fairy and leaving your tooth under your pillow for her? Well, I certainly don’t! However, I recently experienced that joy and excitement through the eyes of Eliana, my 5-year-old granddaughter.

Eliana spent the night with us earlier this summer. The first thing she did upon arriving at the house was to show me her front tooth, hanging on by a thread. She was thrilled, thinking that she would soon lose the tooth. We decided to make a tooth fairy money box, a great summertime craft idea (thanks to the Internet).

I didn’t expect the tooth to fall out that evening; however, low and behold, later as she was brushing her teeth, it did fall out. She was so excited. “Nanny, this is the best day of my life! I’ve been waiting so long for this to happen!”

Of course, we wrote a letter to the tooth fairy and put the tooth under Eliana’s pillow. We talked about all the tooth fairy stories. What does the tooth fairy do with the teeth she collects, is there more than one tooth fairy, and why does she only come at night when we’re sleeping. The tooth fairy left her a gold coin
(aka $1.00 coin), leftover from the days when Debby was a believer and was visited by the tooth fairy. You can imagine the expression in Eliana’s eyes when she awoke the next morning. She was giddy with excitement.

I know this is a silly article to be writing, but it was such a delightful experience that I decided to share it with you. Experiencing life through the eyes of a five-year-old…

May you have a sweet year, and a year of good health. May it be a year of abundance of all things important and all things deeply good.

I look forward to seeing you and your family during the High Holidays and at other services and activities at the Temple throughout the year.

Warmest regards,