Tree of Life Synagogue

Dear friends and members,
Most of you have now heard the tragic news out of Pittsburgh at the Tree of Life synagogue in which multiple injuries and deaths have occurred at the hands of a domestic terrorist. Few words at this time can provide adequate solace in the face of this unbelievably tragic and horrible event. I have taken some steps to ensure additional safety for our religious school children and parents tomorrow morning and I have consulted with our leadership to hold a prayer service at 5:00 in the afternoon to offer prayers in memory of and support of the victims of this unmitigated violence. Please do not hesitate to call me or our board members, specifically our President Sandy, should you have any concerns for our community. As the psalmist has impelled us; “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem,” for all the children of Israel and indeed for all Humanity everywhere.
Rabbi Yossi Liebowitz