“If not now, when?” It’s enough already!”

Dear Members,

I can only imagine the horror of those who have suffered the losses in Florida. At times, the numbers make us more and more numb and yet, we prefer them to faces as they are too painful to gaze upon. When I think of the Holocaust the image of that lovely Anne Frank sears my soul for she represented the depth of the abyss that was the Shoah! All lives, made in the image of God are holy and none is to be mourned over another. Until this morning when this article below was transmitted to me, I did not feel as mournful as I had even though my anger and my despair over yet another maddening gun episode was deep and abiding. Somehow the faces of three Jewish children and one Jewish teacher amplified my despair. No doubt the fact that I have one young daughter near their ages makes me shudder through and through. I share these images with you with no other agenda than to acknowledge that we are not making America great again. Please see the attached article. As Hillel said, “If not now, when?” It’s enough already!”