From the Heart with Rabbi Liebowitz

“They have eyes but do not see!” (Psalm 115: 5) Dear Friends,

Some years ago our friend and former Pastor of Morningside, Kirk Neely, shared the fact that he is colorblind. (He has shared that freely with many!) It is quite amazing that this has not impeded him from creating some very impressive folk-art works. He shares as well the fact that he was once invited to join the ROTC because his colorblindness would be an asset in the surveillance of objects from the air. That reality does not strain credulity as the late Oliver Sack’s indicated through his book The Island of the Colorblind. The inhabitants of a faraway Asian island apparently discerned textures and shades better than those who see colors.

To wit, there has been a scientific breakthrough recently in which special glasses has enabled colorblind folks to actually see normal colors. Some were seen weeping when first using the glasses and seeing the colorful world for the first time. How is your world looking this summer? Do you see the upside of things that are on the surface negative. Not so easy. We Jews because of our intellectual prowess tend to be a might too critical.

I have been thinking about these realities of late, especially when a full eclipse is due this late August in our neck of the woods. (Do use those special glasses!) What is it that eclipses your view of this world as a gift from God?
Some random July thoughts on a very hot Friday morning! Hoping you keep cool!

Best wishes,
Yossi Liebowitz, Rabbi