Sisterhood News!

With October here it means Sisterhood is into high gear baking for the bake sale, which will be November 8. You do not have to be a member of Sisterhood to contribute something, whether it is a sweet or savory item that is your specialty. In fact, contributions from men and young people are welcome. All help is appreciated whether it be baking at the temple, providing something for the sale, as well as helping out with setup and the day of the sale. We will be making calls to see what you would like to do to help. As always, contributions are welcome to help offset the costs. It takes everyone contributing to make the bake sale a success.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make our Fun Run and Honey From the Heart fundraisers a success.

There will be a board meeting October 28 at 9:30 am in the education building library.

Hope everyone has a good October.

Cheryl August


Dr. Mark Packer, Our October Mensch of the Month!



Mark Packer is the new chair of our Ritual Committee. Along with those on the committee with him: Susan Abelkop, David Blumenfeld, Bob Britanisky, Ben Stauber, Elaine Hyman, and ex officio President Sandy Gordin, Mark has guided and directed the High Holidays Honors this year with great sensitivity and effectiveness. He also teaches our young people in Sunday School and has done so for many years.

As well as an expert in art history, Dr. Mark Packer is associate professor in the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, where he has taught since 2011. He earned his Ph.D. in philosophy from Northwestern University. Since then, he has held faculty appointments at Vanderbilt University and Dartmouth College, where he received numerous teaching awards. In addition to scholarly articles in ethics and the philosophy of art, Mark has published work on Kant and Aristotle and frequently directs interdisciplinary conferences for Liberty Fund, a non-profit educational foundation based in Indianapolis. Mark is the founder and full-time faculty advisor of the Adjunct Faculty Association at the University of South Carolina Upstate.


October Birthdays

10/4 Sandy Gordin

10/4  Heidi Moss

10/5  Florence Bernanke

10/5 Samuel Freedman

10/7 Ansley Lyon

10/7 Robert Lyon

10/12 Raeleigh McArn

10/14 Jon Lewson

10/14 Harry Price

10/17 Ira Greenfield

10/18 Tom Barnet

10/23 Jeffrey Cohen

10/23 Robert Lyon

10/25 Paul Friedberg

10/26 Carl McArn

10/31 Cashlin Bost

10/31 Roxanne Gheorghiu



September Birthdays!

9/4 Nancy Rosenberg

9/6 Irene White

9/8  Diana Parnes

9/9  Benjamin Koser

9/10  Steve Smiley

9/12 Karen Lyon

9/12  Samuel Noah Zusmer

9/13  Gary Smiley

9/17 Andrew Green

9/19 Eileen Acanfora

9/19 Dorothy Cohen

9/19 Juanita Lustgarten

9/19 Gary Poliakoff

9/20 Hannah Kate Frye

9/25 Junie White

9/26 Larry Abelkop

9/26 Elijah Goldman

9/28 Marvin Siegel

9/28 Nancy Yoffe

9/28 Todd Zusmer

9/29 Henry Barnet

9/29 Louis Smith