A Note From Sisterhood

To me, Passover has always signaled the end of winter and that summer is almost here. It’s time for us to get out of winter hibernation. I’m guessing that many of you may feel the same way. Our next Sisterhood meeting is coming up. Please RSVP to Jan at temple, or text me so we will know how many to make the reservation for.

This year we will finally be back in the Social Hall at Temple for our bake sale. I’d like to begin talking about and making plans for it. Please think of any new items we could offer. Some things suggested were egg rolls or Knishes. Do you have any ideas about getting our younger members involved? Would anyone be interested in helping if we offered cooking lessons for our school age students? They can easily learn to make butterflies, egg rolls, or cheesecakes. Please let me know any suggestions you may have.

Let’s all welcome the end of winter by getting out of the house and visiting each other at lunch. I look forward to seeing you then!