Message from Our President

Dear Members,

It is no secret in my family that I LOVE summer, especially a South Carolina summer. I can find something I love about every season, but summer has my heart.

It could be that I grew up on a South Carolina peach farm and summer was the season in which my family was the busiest and there was never a dull moment. It could be that school was out and I felt I had infinite amounts of free time, when I was a student and later on in life, when I was a sixth grade teacher. It could be the South Carolina beaches that beckon me from the mountains each summer. Or it could be the mountains that become green and lush which offer somewhat of a reprieve from the summer heat.

Whatever it is I just LOVE summer.

This summer I am looking forward to enjoying several hobbies such as reading several books (pre-selected and lined up on a shelf), needle- pointing (a hobby I literally cannot wait to do in the evenings), sketch- ing and perfecting my not so perfect calligraphy skills. Maybe just maybe there will be time to do all these things along with my daily responsibilities because summer is simply summer, the season where days are long and time seems to move slower.

Even though it is summertime, our Temple is still open and offering several things to be involved in during the month of June. Please check our calendar and if anything interests you, please join our Rabbi and others who make our fellowship and activities possible.

I wish you all a happy, safe and relaxing summer!

Tina Lyon