A Message from our President

Ah, spring! Spring is most definitely my favorite season. There are attributes of every season that make me smile, but spring is by far the most joy inducing for me. What I love about spring are the vibrant and varied colors nature shares with us through tree blossoms and floral blooms.

Each year in the fall my husband, David, and whoever in our family is handy to help, will plant what seems like dozens and dozens of bulbs at our mailbox. These bulbs provide the promise of a beautiful show which in turn brings a smile to all of our faces each time we drive through our driveway or walk to the mailbox to collect the mail.

It always amazes me every spring how planting bulbs practically six months ahead can result in such a gorgeous show of beauty in the spring. Every year I find the planting to be an interruption in an otherwise nice weekend, as gardening is not really my cup of tea. However, the reward is extremely gratifying and delightful. I am always overwhelmed with gratefulness that David and his“ahem” willing helper took the time plant the bulbs the previous fall.

How often in life do we “plant the bulbs”, so to speak, in advance for the promise of gratification and delight? When I reflect upon this, it is probably every day for me. There is usually something I am doing for others or myself that helps assure me I will have a beautiful and satisfying outcome. For example, cooking healthy meals for my family combined with personal exercise are essentially, “planting the bulb” with the hopes of future wellness for myself and those I love. Another “bulb planting” I do is make sure the kitchen counter is clean before I retire to sleep each night. This allows the first person who awakens to arrive in the morning to a clean and inviting place to prepare breakfast and enjoy their coffee.

I could probably write pages and pages of the many things I do that are essentially “planting bulbs” for myself and others.

This spring I challenge each of us to think of how we “plant bulbs” in all areas of our lives, especially in our Jewish lives, as we interact with our Temple and our congregational members. Our Temple is there for all of us to “plant bulbs” and enjoy the results in the near and far future.

May all of your “bulbs” be plentiful and bring you and others delight and much gratefulness.

Tina Lyon
Board President, Congregation B’nai Israel