A Message from Our President


Every four years after a United States Presidential Election, I look forward to the upcoming Inauguration Day of our newly elected president.

Regardless of the political affiliation of the president-elect there is a sense of renewal and hope during the inauguration ceremony.

This year as I viewed the inauguration of President Joseph R. Biden, I listened to messages of unity for our nation. As I reflected on the speeches

given by each dignitary and our United States President, I found myself feeling grateful for the unity of our congregation.

Even though we have been unable to meet face to face because of the Covid-19 pandemic, our Rabbi Yossi Liebowitz, has been

able to keep our Temple active and unified through creative use of various internet platforms. On Friday evenings we can join our

Rabbi through Facebook Live and be uplifted through beautiful blessings, music, songs and a meaningful service. On Saturday

mornings the Rabbi offers a virtual Torah Study through Skype. On one Sunday a month, the Rabbi offers through Facebook Live

“Storytime for Kids of All Ages”. Who doesn’t want to connect with their inner child at least once a month? In addition to all of this,

our Rabbi hosts a Brown Bag Lunch via Zoom at noon one Wednesday a month, during which a thought evoking topic is discussed.

I encourage each of you to check out our calendar in each issue of Temple Topics and tune in to one or all of these virtual offerings

each week to connect with each other and our Temple. The more we can see and connect with other congregational members through

these virtual offerings, the more unified we will feel and be when we are able to once again see each other in person.

We celebrate Purim this month. As we revisit the story of Esther and Purim, I think of the hope and unity interlaced throughout the story

and how Esther realized her actions were of importance to so many. The basis of unity is hope, may we all reflect on how we can continue to

be a unified congregation as we look ahead at a hopeful future for our country and world.

Speaking of unity, thank you to each Congregation B’nai Israel Board Member and congregational volunteer. Your support allows our Temple to continue to thrive.

I wish each of you a wonderful and productive February, I hope to see you soon, either personally or virtually.

Tina Lyon
President, Congregation B’nai Israel