A Message from Our President

Spring is finally here! When the daffodils and Bradford pears bloom, I know warmer days are on the horizon. Ironically, as I am writing this, Steve, Debby, and I are planning a weekend getaway to the NC mountains and the forecast is for snow. So much for enjoying a warm springday on the lake fishing for the “big catch”!

I’m particularly fond of spring because it’s the season inwhich we celebrate Purim and Passover. I associate good food, family gatherings, and religious rituals with theseholidays. The Temple’s Purim celebration this year was oneof the best. The not so traditional Megillah reading by Rabbi Liebowitz and his sidekicks was great fun. Young and old alike were entertained while enjoying a good meal. There was a strong sense of community in the room.

Looking ahead to Passover, many of us will be conducting Seders in our homes. If you are doing so and have room for additional guests, please notify either Jan or the Rabbi. We also want to know if you have not made arrangements to attend a Seder and would like to do so. PLEASE contact the office so we can find a host for you!

Best wishes to all for a happy Passover!