Upcoming Events at a Glance!

Rabbi’s Brown Bag Lunch: Wednesday, March 21 at noon

Hebrew School: Wednesday, March 21 at 3, 4, and 5:00

Soup & Salad: Friday, March 23 at 6:00

Sunday School: Sunday, March 25 with model seder

Sisterhood General Meeting: Sunday, March 25 at 12:00 pm

Hebrew School: Wednesday, March 28 at 3, 4, and 5:00 pm

Erev Passover: Friday, March 30-NO Service

Passover Day 1: Saturday, March 31, 9:30 am service

NO Sunday School: Sunday, April 1

NO Hebrew School: Wednesday, April 4

Kabbalat Shabbat: Friday, April 6 beginning at 5:30 with refreshments.

Saturday Service: April 7 with Yizkor and tisch

NO Sunday School: Sunday, April 8

Hebrew School: Wednesday, April 11 at 3, 4, and 5:00 pm

Holocaust Remembrance: Thursday, April 12 at 7:00 pm film with Remembrance

L’Chaim for our March Mensch of the Month, Dot Frank!

We honor Dot Frank as our first Mensch of the Month.

Dot is a Greer, S.C. native who married Marvin Frank in 1950. She became active in Temple B’nai Israel in January of that year, and converted to Judaism a year later in the old synagogue on Dean Street. Dot was the first conversion officiated by Rabbi Wrubel, who later remarried Dot and Marvin in a traditional Jewish wedding on January 7th, 1951.

An extremely energetic young woman, Dot graduated from Spartanburg General Hospital’s nursing program in 1950. She worked outpatient for four years then began a thirty-nine-year career with Orthopaedic Associates.

Working did not keep Dot from being very active with her congregational family. She was a founding member of Temple B’nai Israel Sisterhood in 1950. Dot recalls that both women and men were active in the synagogue back then, but within their own separate groups. The congregation served not only as a place of worship but provided all social activities for the Franks. Families were very busy with dinners, game nights, entertainment and all Temple functions.

Dot was active in fundraising, participating in the very first Sisterhood Bake Sale. She has baked and worked at each Bake Sale for 67 years! The bake sales started with cheesecakes, and the Sisterhood maintained both a meat and dairy kosher kitchen.

As the variety of baked goods grew, Dot perfected her recipes for strudel and Miami sweet rolls. A patron of the bake sale identified the Miami sweet rolls “butterflies.”

From that point on, Dot’s butterflies became a favorite. Both of her delicious recipes are in the Sisterhood cookbook, entitled “A Little Bit of This & A Little Bit of That.”

Dot reminisced about the ladies with whom she became like a sister, their “girls’ beach trips,” and the weekend family get-togethers.

“I have had a wonderful life because of the Jewish community,” Dot says. “I appreciate how welcoming the community was and still is. The Rabbi is such a caring and kind man. My family and the Jewish community are the center of my life. The congregation is about family, common values and goals.”

Important News from Sisterhood!

Hope this finds everyone well and enjoying our early spring weather.

There will be a general meeting on Sunday, March 25 at noon in the Sunday School building. Come out for refreshments and socialization as well as business. This is an important meeting as we will be voting to underwrite the cost of the proposal to replace the flooring in the Sisterhood room as well as the office and the Rabbi’s office (after it flooded). We need a good turnout in order to have a quorum.

Hope everyone has a good Passover.

Special Notice

There is a proposal by Sisterhood that we update the flooring in the Sisterhood room, the Rabbi’s office, and the Temple office. The samples will be on display in the Temple lobby for two weeks. A vote by the Board to select one of the two choices will be held at the Temple Board meeting on March 18. If you have comments or questions, please contact a Board member.

Mark your Calendars for March Events!

1 Purim
2 Purim Dinner
3 Saturday Service
4 Sunday School
7 Hebrew School
9 7:30 Service
10 Saturday Service
11 Sunday School
14 Breakfast Schmooze
14 Hebrew School
16 Kabbalat Shabbat
17 Saturday Service-Haddasah Tisch
17 Movie Night
18 Sunday School Speaker-TBA
18 Temple Board Meeting
21 Rabbi’s Brown Bag Lunch
21 Hebrew School
23 Soup & Salad
24 Saturday Service
25 Sunday School-Model Seder
25 Sisterhood General Meeting
28 Hebrew School
30 Erev Passover-NO Service
31 Passover Day 1-9:30 Service

Meet our 2018 Board Members and Committee Chairs

2018 Board of Directors

Sandy Gordin, President

David Lyon, Vice President

Jon Lewson, Financial Secretary

David Blumenfeld, Treasurer

Tina Lyon, Corresponding Secretary

Susan Abelkop, Recording Secretary

Rex Russell, 2 Year Trustee

Stan Hyman, 2 Year Trustee

Ira Greenfield, Member-at-Large

Bob Britanisky, Member-at-Large

Andrew Green, Member-at-Large

Lisa Frye, Member-at-Large

Mauro Wilk, Member-at-Large

Elaine Hyman, Sisterhood Representative

Jack Schoer, Past President

Jan Stribling, Administrative Assistant

Committee Chairs

Care*part of Sisterhood
Sandy Smiley: sandysmiley@bellsouth.net; Nancy Rosenberg: nancyjojo@att.net

Chevra Kadisha
Dot Frank: dotfrank29@gmail.com; Rex Russell rex@jbrusa.com

Stefanie Keen, Chair:Stefanie_keen@yahoo.com
Lisa Frye & Karen Fuller, Principals: lisafrye02@gmail.com

Hank Steinberg: hanksteinberg@gmail.com

Annual Pledge
Robert Lyon: rlyon@sspc.biz

Fundraising Events

Grounds Beautification
David Lyon: davidlyon@bellsouth.net

Susan Abelkop:susan@bafox.com


Stanley Hyman: shy2845@hotmail.com

Sandy Gordin: jackandjill1931@gmail.com

Susan Price: sprice3100@charter.net; Tina Lyon: tinalyon@bellsouth.net


Susan Abelkop:susan@bafox.com


Mark Packer: markpacker1@charter.net

Sharon Packer: sharonpacker@mac.com